Corporate Responsibility

Digital wellbeing

Since our network reaches about half of the Swedish households we are an important driver of digital Sweden. We want to unleash the power of our network, products and services to improve everyday life and give more people access to powerful digital services. This comes with a great responsibility to ensure that digitalisation in Sweden is done in a sustainable way from a social, political and environmental perspective.

Com Hem’s sustainability efforts are based on two focus areas – democracy and safety. When we measure the digital wellbeing in Sweden in Com Hem-kollen it is within these areas we see the biggest challenges. When it comes to democracy, the focus is on avoiding digital class divides in society. As for safety, a major hurdle toward positive digital development is the issue that people often do not feel safe online. This has pushed us to develop our network and our services. This is also why we want to share our insights about Sweden’s digital wellbeing.

Our work has resulted in a number of insights and advice on how to take greater advantage of the possibilities that come with digitalisation. These insights are gathered on our site which is dedicated to digital wellbeing.

Sustainability reporting

As part of our annual reporting we produce a GRI report and a sustainability report contained within our annual report. Please find these reports below.