Growth Drivers

Our growth drivers create long-term value for our stakeholders. Our strategy is based on having many growth drivers at once, creating sustainable long term growth without depending on one single growth driver. We do not expect all drivers to deliver substantial progression each quarter, but in the long run this is how we grow the company.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our most important growth driver as it increases pricing power, creates customer loyalty and has resulted in reduced consumer churn.

Average consumer churn for the period

Footprint expansion

Com Hem entered the single dwelling unit (SDU) market in 2016 and is now aiming to add a total of 1,000,000 addressable households, representing a 50% increase of the Group’s footprint to 3,000,000 by 2020. Expansion into the SDU market gives us the opportunity to increase market share in Sweden and to sell our services to a more affluent group of customers.

Footprint expansion programme, (number of addressable households)


Boxer was acquired in 2016 to further boost the expansion into the SDU market. Boxer launched a broadband-led marketing campaign and fibre footprint expansion in Q1 2017 to reduce churn and increase the number of RGUs and ARPU. Boxer also gives us the opportunity to sell our services through two separate brands with complementary positions in the market.

Leverage network and speed advantage

Today’s consumer values a fast and stable broadband above almost anything. We invest in our network every year to maintain a highly competitive broadband proposition.

Drive TV penetration with powerful digital TV services

With Sweden’s widest range of content and continuous development of our TV Hub, our standalone boxless SVOD service ComBo and TVE products Com Hem/Boxer Play we are positioned as a premium provider of digital TV.

High-End STBs refer to customers with a TiVo or TV Hub