Purpose and strategy

Com Hem exist to unleash the power of our infrastructure, products and services for the best possible digital quality of life in Sweden.

The wave of digitalisation which is sweeping over us is fundamentally changing society – everything from consumption patterns and travel habits, to how we form our political opinions and our attitudes to the world around us. Swedish households are heavy digital consumers and use about twice as much data capacity as their counterparts in other parts of Europe. At the same time demand is increasing by 40% each year.

Our network reaches approximately half of the country’s homes, making us an important driver of digital Sweden. We want everyone across the country to have the necessary conditions to unleash the power of their digital lives on their own terms. This is what drives us to develop our network and our services.

Our goal is to have the most satisfied customers in Sweden. The most important thing across our operations is customer satisfaction, measured in NPS (Net Promoter Score), and we believe that investments that increase customer satisfaction creates growth and long term value for our shareholders.

This has pushed us to develop our network and our services. This is also why we want to share our insights about Sweden’s digital wellbeing.

Our work has resulted in a number of insights and advice on how to take greater advantage of the possibilities that come with digitalisation. These insights are gathered on our site which is dedicated to digital wellbeing.