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With over 40 percent of Swedish households connected to our network, Com Hem plays a crucial role in maximizing the quality of digital life in our country. We are always looking for dedicated co-workers, so that together we can be even better. Unleash the power of your full potential with Com Hem.

We work constantly to increase access to better and faster digital services. And it’s not just about being on the technological cutting edge, but another very important role is to closely follow modern digital behaviors and trends – as well as working for sustainability on the Internet.

One of our initiatives to measure the digital environment in Sweden is “Com Hem-kollen”, a report made in cooperation with Sifo, a company that conducts research, data and insight, on consumer markets. Com Hem-kollen is based on interviews with 2,500 of our customers and insights from them are presented as an index for digital well-being, for example, access, knowledge and attitudes regarding the Internet. We also examine how we use the Internet – what does the connected family look like, and how far has the “Internet of things” actually progressed in Sweden? The report aims to generate debate and share knowledge about digital well-being.

Com Hem-kollen 2016 circled two clear obstacles for digital well-being. The first are democratic and digital class divisions. The second obstacle is security, and the fact that many people feel insecure online. It gives us a clear picture of what we, as the market leader, need to work on to improve the quality of digital life in Sweden.

We want to prevent digital class divisions. This involves as many people as possible having access to the power and services, as well as knowledge and understanding of how to use the various digital tools to improve everyday life.

Regarding security, we work to make people feel safer when they use digital services. Here we have, among other things, developed products like “Tryggsurf” (safe surf), but we also want to get involved in other ways to help people navigate the right way. We have chosen to partner with the organization “Surfa Lugnt”, which operates a national initiative to raise the school’s and adults’ knowledge of everyday life of children and young people on the Internet. The purpose is to affirm the positives found in young people’s lives online – commitment, communication and exchange of knowledge, but at the same time to give parents and other adults more knowledge so that they can better handle issues such as cyber bullying and integrity.

Unleash the power!

Do you want to influence the digital development in Sweden by creating products that make a difference and that we all depend on? With us you have the possibility to influence and make a difference! Join us on the journey towards a healthier digital world!

To find out more about our social responsibility and activities, please contact:

Petra von Rohr, Director of IR & Corporate Communications

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