Meet Sofia Torstensson

Sofia Torstensson, age 26, and CEO Trainee for Anders Nilsson

Why did you want to become a trainee at Com Hem?

Com Hem is one of the largest players in its niche. The company’s brand is well established and well known on the Swedish market. The trainee role at Com Hem encourages proactivity, you create your own success. At the same time, you learn from people with an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. There is also an exciting change process in Com Hem, all contributing to the company being my obvious choice.

What would you give as advice to others wanting to apply as a trainee with Com Hem?

First of all, we are all different and there is therefore no single answer. However, I believe that the basis for success as a trainee consists of analytical ability, determination and drive.
And do not forget social skills – they are important.

How do you characterize the culture of Com Hem?

That nothing is impossible. There is an openness and ambition that allows room for development, which permeates the entire organization.

If Com Hem was a movie star, who would best symbolize us?

Denzel Washington – one of the best. Cool, a twinkle in his eye and appreciated by a lot of people.

What do you need to unleash the power at Com Hem?

I get a daily dose of fellowship, good advice, laughter and energy from my colleagues. This makes me want to unleash the power, and it helps me to do so.

What is it at work that gets you to go the extra mile?

The biggest thing is the driving force within myself. If I do a good job it will hopefully be easier for my colleagues to do a good job, a fact which ultimately means that Com Hem develops. To work together towards a goal makes me want to go the extra mile and more, every day.

Who has meant the most to you?

I have many to thank for all the support and all the help I have received. But if I have to choose one person it would have to be my father. A person who is always there, no matter what.

What’s your favorite gadget?

The take away cup filled with coffee.

Any personal issues that you are passionate about?

Training, travel and family.

What is quality of life for you?

To take off on a summer day on a bicycle ride to Högklint (Gotland) for a morning swim.

What makes you feel really good?

It is a mixture of many different things, big and small, that together makes me feel good. A challenging work environment is important to me. At the same time, I find happiness sinking into a large chair at a café with friends.

What do you do on a Friday night after working hours?

The best thing about Fridays is that one is not like the other. But one thing all Fridays have in common is that they are spent in the company of loved ones.

What’s your dream weekend?

A weekend that provides room and space for spontaneity – except for the classic Sunday brunch, which is a must.

What kind of music makes you smile?

Nostalgic music, such as music reminiscent of childhood, my round-the-world-trip when I was 18 years old, my time playing floorball and friends.

Your favorite app?

Google Earth. In no time, I can move wherever I want in the world – one minute I’m on Manhattan’s busy streets, and the next minute on a sugar cane farm in South Africa.

Hidden talent?

I have developed a system where I apply statistical data to “Stryktipset” (football pool), which hopefully will help me to select the right 13 someday.

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