Guidelines for Remuneration of the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Management

The Annual General Meeting 2017 adopted the following guidelines for remuneration to senior executives in Com Hem:

The total amount of remuneration for a person with a senior executive position in Com Hem shall correspond to market practice and shall be competitive in order to attract, motivate and retain key employees. The aim is to create incentives for senior executives to execute strategic plans and deliver excellent operating results and to align such persons’ interests with the interests of the shareholders.

Remuneration of the CEO and other senior executives shall consist of a fixed salary, short-term incentives (STI) with variable remuneration paid annually in cash which are linked to achievement of financial targets for Com Hem and/or individual performance targets, and long-term incentives (LTIP) that are share based or share linked, in addition to pension and other customary benefits.

  • The fixed salary shall be based on the senior executives’ respective competence and area of responsibility. The fixed salary shall form the basis for any STI. The fixed salary is to be reviewed annually.
  • STIs shall be based on performance in relation to established targets. The targets shall be individual, measurable and linked to Com Hem’s financial performance and/or to specific performances (individual targets). The CEO has an annual STI target of 75 percent of the fixed salary. Provided significant out-performance of the financial targets set in the budget, and/or of individual targets, and approval by the board of directors, the STI for the CEO can amount to a maximum of 169 percent of the fixed salary. The other senior executives’ have an annual STI target of up to 50 percent of the fixed salary. Provided that the financial targets and/or the individual targets are significantly out-performed, the other senior executives’ STI may amount to a maximum of 113 percent of the fixed salary.
  • The vesting period for LTIPs shall be at least three years. LTIPs shall always be based on shares or share linked instruments. LTIPs shall ensure a long-term commitment to the development of Com Hem. Any share based LTIP will be subject to shareholder approval before being launched.
  • Other benefits may include company car, health insurance and other customary benefits. Other benefits shall not constitute a significant part of the total remuneration.
  • Senior executives shall be offered individual pension plans amounting to a maximum of 30 percent of the fixed salary or in accordance with ITP (collective agreed pension plans). Subject to approval by the board of directors, senior executives residing abroad may be offered pension plans paid in cash corresponding to the premium that would otherwise be payable to insurance companies.
  • In the event of termination of employment initiated by the company, the notice period for the CEO and the other senior executives shall be maximum 12 months.

If there are particular grounds for it in a specific case, the Board of Directors may deviate from the guidelines.