General Meeting

The General Meeting of Com Hem Holding (publ) is the highest decision-making body through which the shareholders exercise their influence over the company, personally or through a representative.

The powers and duties of the General Meeting are regulated by the Swedish Companies Act and the Articles of Association.

Right to Attend General Meetings

All shareholders who are directly recorded in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden five weekdays (Saturdays included) prior to the general meeting and who have notified the Company of their intention to participate in the general meeting not later than the date indicated in the notice of the general meeting, are entitled to attend the general meeting and vote for the number of shares they hold.

In addition to notifying the Company, shareholders whose shares are nominee registered through a bank or other nominee must request that their shares are temporarily registered in their own names in the register of shareholders maintained by Euroclear Sweden, in order to be entitled to participate in the general meeting. Shareholders should inform their nominees well in advance of the record date.

Shareholders may attend general meetings in person or by proxy and may be accompanied by a maximum of two assistants.  It will normally be possible for shareholders to register for the general meeting in several different ways, as indicated in the notice of the meeting. Shareholders are entitled to vote for all shares in the Company held by that shareholder.