Com Hem Segment

The Com Hem segment is split into three different businesses; Consumer, B2B and Network Operator.

In our consumer business we sell broadband, TV & Play and fixed telephony to households within our footprint. By the end of Q3 2018, we delivered 1,7 million RGUs to 999,000 customers.

In our B2B business we sell broadband, fixed-line telephony and mobile telephony mainly to single/home offices (SoHo). At the end of Q3 2018 we had 47,000 business customers of which 25,000 subscribe to our services via Com Hem’s network.

Our Network Operator business includes revenue from our Communications Operator, iTux which serves approximately 160,000 households. The Network Operator business also includes revenues from contracts with landords. We have contracts with over 20,000 separate landlords.