“To establish broadband leadership in the Swedish market has been a central pillar of the transformation of Com Hem”

Broadband 2014 2015 2016 2017
RGUs, 000' 612 658 702 750
   Net adds, 000' 53.5 46.7 43.9 47.8
Revenue, SEKm 1,461 1,666 1,862 2,079
Average revenue per unit, SEK 210 219 229 239

We have invested heavily in our network capacity as we strive to deliver a market leading performance in our customers’ fixed and wireless broadband experience. As a result of these investments, Com Hem has delivered great results in several independent measures of performance including the Netflix Speed Index and the Google Video Quality Report.

Com Hem has led the Netflix ISP Speed Index against key competitors since 2014 and against all competitors for 33 consecutive months as of February 2018.

The Google Video Quality Report on Sweden gives Com Hem the highest performance rating with 96% of streams delivered in HD between 8-9pm. Data in the chart is as of December 2017.

We have successfully grown our broadband subscriber base by 5 percent during Q3 2018 (compared to Q3 2017), while simultaneously driving up the speed and tier mix of our broadband customer base by 13 percent to an average of 158 Mbit/s.

Our broadband services are priced at a competitive level compared to competitors

Our broadband upgrade program

Our upgrades use the new Converged Cable Access Platform (”CCAP”) technology giving us the ability to double the capacity to the customers with a significantly lower investment, compared to the current technology. With CCAP we have also taken the first step towards DOCSIS 3.1 which is the next DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) standard giving us the ability to deliver over 1 Gbit/s and double the capacity over the FibreCoax infrastructure.