Business to business

“Within B2B the focus continues to be on the transformation from an OffNet legacy fixed telco business to a high margin OnNet business”

As of Q3 2018, we delivered our B2B broadband and telephony services to roughly 47,000 unique business customers, out of which 25,000 are buying our OnNet services, which are services delivered over our own network.

Business to business 2014 2015 2016 2017
Unique subscribers, 000' 60 62 58 49
   of which OnNet, 000' 8 16 20 24
Revenue, SEKm 222 311 317 280
   of which OnNet, SEKm 24 66 102 121
Average revenue per unit, SEK 428 426 439 445

The remaining customers purchase our OffNet services primarily purchased from other network operators and sold under the trademark of Phonera. Phonera is a B2B company that Com Hem acquired in 2014 and has used as base for expanding our full service B2B offering to small and medium size enterprises.


These are customers which are connected to our network. This group of companies represents an important potential for us as only marginal additional investments are required to connect these customers.


These are customers outside our network, where we act as a virtual operator reselling broadband and telephony services.