Consumer business

“Com Hem is in a great position with an established premium brand in the MDU market and a great opportunity to expand into the SDU market”

We have a strong and efficient cable business

Our strategy within the Com Hem Segment consumer business, which we call “more-for-more”, is based on building customer satisfaction in order to gain pricing power. The model has been very successful as evidenced by increasing consumer ARPU, declining consumer churn and steady growth in unique consumer customers and RGUs.

Consumer 2014 2015 2016 2017
Unique Subscribers, 000' 876 911 945 983
   Net adds, 000' 46.1 35.0 33.9 38.4
Revenue, SEKm 3,647 3,863 4,093 4,287
Average revenue per unit, SEK 360 361 369 372
Churn 15.1% 13.2% 13.2% 13.1%

We will continue to develop and deliver a powerful digital TV and broadband proposition and maintain our strategy to deliver growth by upselling digital TV and broadband customers, bundling digital TV and broadband to our single play base and upselling our Basic TV base.


Expanding into the SDU market

Com Hem has historically mainly been present in the multi dwelling unit (MDU) market but decided in 2016 to enter the single dwelling unit (SDU) market as well. At the end of Q3 2018, the Com Hem Group had added some 970,000 households in the SDU market since the launch of the expansion programme, making us confident that we can reach our goal.