Digital TV

“Adapting our TV platform and content to meet consumer demand”

Digital TV 2014 2015 2016 2017
RGUs, 000' 618 635 644 655
   Net adds, 000' 21.1 17.7 8.2 10.8
Revenue, SEKm 1,737 1,785 1,855 1,886
Average revenue per unit, SEK 242 238 243 243

In a rapidly growing TV market where consumption is shifting from traditional linear content delivered through a TV box toward on demand content streamed to multiple devices directly over the internet, it is important for a TV distributor to adapt. In order to secure our position as the leading Swedish TV provider and capitalise on these market trends Com Hem is constantly adapting its TV offering.

Within the portfolio of TV products Com Hem can offer something to every type of video consumer in the market. Whether you prefer a traditional linear TV experience or a more modern on demand-centric service with or without hardware you can now find it in the Com Hem product portfolio. We believe that the freedom to choose will make customers happier, make them stay longer and thereby secure resilient long-term growth for our TV business.

The TV Hub

In 2018, the Com Hem Group launched its next generation TV-product, the TV Hub. The TV Hub, which is now our main TV-offering alongside TiVo, is compatible with all our infrastructures and is available to both Com Hem and Boxer customers. It is based on the Android ecosystem allowing cost-efficient development, quick and flexible updates, and gives customers access to third-party applications. The user interface is designed to give easy access to non-linear content with improved search and customization features, offering a significantly better way of watching OTT and on demand content without compromising the linear television experience.

Com Hem Tv Hub bänk


ComBo, which was developed in-house alongside the TV Hub is Com Hem’s first step as a provider of a boxless SVOD service. Given our scale as an aggregator of video content, an OTT service is a natural next step for Com Hem as we can leverage our ability to bundle the best on demand content and deliver it to consumers who live within our footprint but are not necessarily traditional TV consumers. This opens up a completely new segment in the market for Com Hem and could potentially be a significant growth driver over time.

Com Hem Play

Com Hem Play, which is our app-based over the top (OTT) service, was in 2016 extended from a TiVo-exclusive feature to being included in all frontbook TV packages and the majority of legacy TV packages, giving access to our on-demand services to non-TiVo customers for the first time.

Com Hem Play is now also compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast making it even easier to unleash the power of our content on screens anywhere.

With Com Hem Play customers can;

  • View the widest range of TV channels and Play services, anytime, anywhere
  • Watch on the go on Android and iOS devices
  • Stream to their TV with Chromecast or AirPlay
  • Remotely access the TiVo box


Our premium STBs continue to attract new subscribers with penetration now 42 percent of the digital TV customer base.

High-End STBs refer to customers with a TiVo or TV Hub

Our digital TV offering is priced at a competitive level compared to competitors.